Wednesday, September 3, 2008

transition transition transition

Life's all about phases. At least that's the case with my life. I move from one phase to another, and another, and another.

And yeah to me the hardest parts are always the beginning and the end. The beginning is when I'm starting somewhere new, primary school for examples. Where everyone around me were unfamiliar and alien. But primary school wasn't that bad because technically I still live at home where the environment is pretty much familiar and safe. So transition wasn't that bad. I think I didn't even shed a tear (mayb, hehe)

Moving onto secondary school, which was a boarding school was a bit of a shock to me. Being the youngest of four siblings (till 2000 that is, when my mother gave birth to me dear little sis), I guess I got used to relying on others. Luckily my bros were in the same school, coz I was seriously thinking about leaving during the torturous orientation week. If it weren't for them, I am pretty sure I would have left the school. But I got used to living in a hostel and I sure am glad I didn't leave during the transition period, or I would've missed so much invaluable experiences. The truth is, transition at my secondary school wasn't that hard either for I had 2 bros looking after me ^_^.

Then it's National Service. Full blow I would say. But still there's some friends from my secondary school. Although they were not in the same company as me, they sure helped a lot.

Then there's college. I would say the hardest transition period I've experienced (so far). It took months for me to be able to feel "at home" there. I kept on thinking whether my deciding to go there was a good idea. The fact that I'm (or I was, not too sure now) not really a friendly kind of person made it even worse. Plus the burden of the studies which are of course harder compared to secondary school's level. But I survived (barely!).

Next to come is university... In a land far far away. Should be going there in 10 day's time... for a new chapter in my life... and I expect it to be one of the biggest and hardest and most challenging... Hope to do well there.

The only thing that made the transitions (at whatever level) easier is of course friends. A stranger who happened to cross path with me, who happened to be studying at the same place, or have the same interest, or in some cases are just meant to be my friend through some unlikely circumstances. And they made all the difference.

Yet having friends (especially close ones) always make the last part of the chapter so hard and unbearable. I usually kept on thinking bout them days after the school or college is over. But I sure am lucky that there's cell phones and internet these days... so keeping in touch is just a matter of moving these fingers and thumb :P (Tribute to all my friends: thank you so much for being you!)

Well, change is inevitable... whether we like it or not!
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