Thursday, July 28, 2011


No, this post a not about overthrowing government, or creating chaos, or upholding a new belief or idea. This post is about Ramadhan Revolution. A journey to revolutionise our mind and body. InsyaAllah in a few days the month of Ramadhan is starting. Are we ready? Am I ready? Will this year be different from the past years? Is Ramadhan this time around going to be filled with beneficial activities to rejuvenate our minds and souls? To purify our hearts?

Pray to Allah that we will be able to meet the month of Ramadhan and make full use of its presence. As a muslim, what other time there is to change for the better? When everyone around you will strive to maximise the use of time for ibadah and purifying our hearts?

Have you ever thought of changing a bad habit that you have? Now is the time.

Don't you think it's time to move the Quran from the shelves to our tongue and hearts? Now is the time.

Have you been longing to stop excessively waste time on games, computers, hanging out, comics, shopping, etc? Now is the time.

Are you a smoker? You know what I'm about to say... Now is the time.

Want to lose a few kilos? Now is the time.

Whatever we want to do to improve ourselves... NOW IS THE TIME. It may not be easy, but there's  no harm in trying. For a muslim should always strive to be better :).

But in the end. The success in Ramadhan does not only depends on what we are able to do and perform during the month, but how we are able to change what we do in the other 11 months afterwards, before the coming of the next Ramadhan (insyaAllah).

May Allah gives us strength to achieve what we want from this month which is full of barakah.

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