Sunday, August 24, 2008

kalau nak jadik tu... jadik jugak

ini kesah visa aku... yang cukup perit untuk diceritakan...

ak nak ke UK, so kne la apply visa...
tp visa ak telah direjek... dan aku terpakselah apply sebijik lagi...

citernye begini... coincident2 yang berlaku... hingga membawa kepada perijekan visa application aku...
1. uni hantar salah surat.
2. ble uni nak anta suray tang btol, aku kasik la no fax
3. tapi die fax lambat sehari
4. so aku terpakse la gune surat yang salah nih
5. actualy dah wat appointment hari isnin, tp gi gak hari jumaatnye (walk in aje)
6. maka aku pon send la application visa tuh ngan surat yg aku sbnrnye dah tergerak pon mayb akan mengganggu gugat proses pemvisaan ini.
7. lame aku tunggu... 1o hari kot (termasuk cuti)
8. last2 x lepas visa tu.
9. yang bestnye... kawan ak yang anta hari same dan gune surat same... lepas la pulak
10. so aku conclude yang die nih punye application dicek oleh manusia lain... bukan yang cek aku punye
11. aku marah2 gak bile tau visa tu x lepas... huhu. beselah kan?
12. tp akhirnye ak terima la... mayb ade hikmah disebaliknye

"Setiap bencana yang menimpa di bumi dan yang menimpa diri kamu sendiri, semuanya telah tertulis dalam Kitab (Lauh mahfuz) sebelum Kami mewujudkannya. Sungguh, yang demikian itu mudah bagi Allah. Agar kamu tidak bersedih hati terhadap apa yang luput dari kamu, dan tidak pula terlalu gembira terhadap apa yang diberikan-Nya kepadamu. Dan Allah tidak menyukai orang-orang yang sombong dan membangga diri"

Surah Al-Hadid: 22-23

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Profile: Ayam Putih

Ini biodata seekor ayam, yang bermastautin di halaman rumahku tanpa diundang. Akhirnya kami menerimanya dengan penganugerahan nama timangan. Memang nama haiwan2 di rumahku biasanya berdasarkan kepada fizikal haiwan tersebut.

nama sebenar: tidak diketahui. Kerana ayam ini datang secara tiba-tiba.

nama gelaran: Ayam Putih

asal: unknown juga.

hobi: -berkokok pada waktu2 pelik untuk menyakitkan hati seisi rumah,
-bertenggek di atas pohon mangga di halaman rumah sambil bersosial dengan burung-burung diatas pokok mangga. Mungkin kerana menghidapi krisis identiti (menyangka dirinya seekor burung)

keistimewaan: -mampu memanjat pokok mangga yang tinggi,
-boleh memaksa penghuni rumah memberikan makanan kepadanya dengan cara berkokok di tingkap sehingga makanan diberikan.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

IMAM pre-dept briefing

I went to IMAM (islamic medical association of malaysia) organized briefing to fill 2 days of my multidays holiday (which is coming to an end pretty soon). i figured i could use some motivation before actually starting my 5 years Medicine course in Leeds, insyaAllah.

it turned out to be better than i expected, as i ended up being more fired-up than ever. i really hope that this eagerness will last and i will be able to invoke this feeling of surety and enthusiasm whenever i feel down in the future.

the speakers are spectacular individuals, whom despite being so busy as doctors, are willing to spend time with us future medical students. they even answer phone calls from the hospital during their speech (this shows how busy they r).

it was only for two days one night, but being there was really worth it. here are some gists and pieces i would like to share... for us to ponder (especially those doing medicine). may these help you face the challenges ahead...

-medicine is a field that would make us realize how weak and powerless we are, and that humans do have limits despite what we use to hear. especially when something go wrong and a patient has to suffer or pass away. so at all time, we must submit to Allah and crave for His help in everything that we do.

-good doctors should not treat patients as diseases that needs to be cured or as a malfunctioning machine that needs repairing. so treat people as people.

-you either become a good doctor, or don't become one as u're dealing with lives and lousy doctor who couldn't care less aren't suppose to become one in the first place.
well... if u blow up a computer you can always make another one, but when someone dies that's it. end of story. so. yeah... it's important to be a good one if u've decided to become one.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Journey Down Memory Lane (Part 4)

These are pictures of the playground in my neighbourhood. But all the equipments are different from what I used to play. There were conventional wood and metal see-saw, swings, (what do you call gelongsor in English??), monkey rack and some big colourful cylinders. Noe mostly are made of plastics as can be seen in the pictures.

Children loves playground a lot. We can even tell from the name. Most children have the same interest... play. So playground is the place they would rather be. Me too...

If I'm not mistaken, my parents would only allow us to go out at 5.30pm and we're expected to be home at 6.30pm. On those days that we decided to play at the playground instead of the other places mentioned in earlier posts, we would. But there's always sort of a seasons in what we play. At one time, glass beads would be the "in" thing, and many would bring beads to the playground to play.

Other times we play soccer or "chase-chase". haha. About that, I once fell while playing "chase-chase" at the playground. Something to do with the see-saw. I think I somehow tripped when I stepped on it as someone else was stepping on the other side... think so. Well, don't blame me for not remembering... It was a long time ago. Anyways, I fell headfirst and cut my lips. It wasn't so bad (I think, haha).

Journey Down Memory Lane (Part 3)

This is a piece of land in front of my house, which has nothing except some tree planted by my neighbours who likes planting trees. Back then, it wasn't like this... full of undergrowths and "lalang".

Wait... It WAS like that. Before it was "explored" by a group of kids (one of them was yours truly). I remembered it was full of "lalang", which was very tall as compared to my height. We used a door, which I couldn't remember how we got hold of it, must've been thrown out by someone. It's actually pretty easy... put the door on top of them and jump over it until all the tall and scary "lalang" lay flat beneath it. The best part was, we didn't just clear the space, but we made pathways and small so-called rooms. The area is quite vast so it sort of become our secret base. LOL

And I guess it's because of us, the children playing there that the adults decided to cut it all... at least it'll be safer for us to play. Can't really remember the details , but I am quite sure that we always have something to do. Play with the leaves... the soil... the latex of my neighbour's jack fruit tree... train our ninja skills (ninja go!)... ohhh the memories... -.-

And as far as I can remember, I couldn't recall any accidents happening here. So it's all good memories... haha :D
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