Wednesday, August 25, 2010

sudah 15 ramadhan... sudah separuhkan pengajianmu?

tup... tap... tup... tap...
hari ini sudah 15 ramadhan...
mengambang sudah bulan di angkasa gelap...
sudah separuh ramadhan berlalu...

bagaimana amalku?
sudah khatamkah kitab suci al-Quran?
atau sudah 15 juzuk di baca?
atau sudah 1 juzuk?
atau 1 helai kah?
atau sudah 1 ayat dibaca?

bagaimana hatiku?
sudah bersih lembutkah dibelai bulan barakah ini?
boleh berlinangankah sudah air mata yang persis kemarau?
timbulkah titik sayu tatkala teringat dosa2 lampau?
atau masih sama seperti sebelum melangkah ke Ramadhan?
atau makin kurang eloknya?

bagaimana sikapku?
sudah terterapkah sikap selayaknya pada seorang muslim?
atau masih berlari menuju ke arah itu?
atau meniti dengan langkah bayi?
atau terhenti?
atau terkebelakang pula dari dahulunya?

hati ini kuketuk lagi...
lagi dan lagi...
jika syurga Allah mahu dikecapi...
masakan masa terbaik untuk perbaikan dibiar terabai pergi...
tanpa insurans tahun hadapan sempatkah lagi...
barangkali tahun inipun tidak menjenguk ke penghujungnya...

gunakanlah sepenuhnya yang masih berbaki...
untuk mengejar redha dan ampunan Tuhanmu...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Europe spring 2010

x kuasa membuat post panjang lebar dan susah nak upload gamba... aku pon buat video trus... njoy!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Spring Trip Ep.1 [Linz, Austria]

Alhamdulillah, with the ample time given By Allah, I, along with some friends went on a trip to 3 [2 of us went to 4] European countries last spring break...

So here's our story...

From London we took a flight [,obviously] to Linz.

It's evident from our faces that everyone was so excited. After long school period, holiday finally comes around! These were taken in front of the airport in Linz. From there, we took a shuttle van to the nearest train stop [I call it a train stop as it doesn't look big enough to be called a station].

On the way, I saw a building, and can't help noticing its resemblance to our beloved medical school building back in Leeds. So, a sensible thing to do is to snap a picture of it :).

The sensible thing to do when we arrived in Linz was to look for our pre-booked accomodation. The not so sensible thing not to have a map to go there... so we went around the area, confused of the quiet surrounding and the unfamiliar ground. Tickets for the tram was quite peculiar, as there are 3 types... MINI. MIDI, and MAXI which have their own number of stops allowed for each.

With the help of a couple, we managed to find the place, YOUTHOTEL at last right before dusk...

The next morning, we had our breakfast (bought from a gas station nearby the night before) and shoot off to the city. We took our luggage along as we're heading to Vienna later that day~

So we went to the city on Linz....

-and took pictures:
some funny ones, of buidings,
of a sleeping friend, of the worst tasting "mineral water" I've ever had,
of breath-taking sceneries,
and of the food we had for lunch.

It was amazing as it was tiring :). We then head to Viienna....
Let's leave that for another day...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Forgive me friends... cause im so lousy

might just be me, but i never consider myself as being any good at friendship

forgive me friends
for when i see you make mistakes
i chose to keep quiet
i chose to not advice you
as i fear for the friendship
but how wrong was i
true friends do not hesitate to give advice
if that's what's needed to make improvements
although it might cost the very friendship

forgive me friend
for when i make mistakes
i expect you to keep quiet
and burst in anger if you give me advice
although i know that's what i need
although i'm sure i'm better off with it
for this, forgive me

forgive me friends
as i expect you to always be by my side
and always support me in what i do
but i am not always by your side
and often in silence, stab you in the back
for that, please do forgive me

forgive me friends
for i expect you to always tell the truth
as i know that friendship do not grow with lies
but i sometimes do the same
without hesitation, without shame
for that, i beg you to forgive me

forgive me friends
for wanting you to back me in my sad moments
but be by you only on your happy ones
for this, i'm ashamed, and i ask for your forgiveness

with all my flaws
i ask for forgiveness
as i did my best
but my best wasn't good enough
so i wander around
in search for strength
to change to improve, for the better
and i found the source, clear as ever
it is in you friends, that i gain it

**happy fasting~ Ramadhan mode =)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadhan... it's not a month of weakness

Hai orang-orang yang beriman
diwajibkan atas kamu berpuasa
sebagaimana diwajibkan atas orang-orang sebelum kamu
agar kamu bertakwa (Al Baqarah : 183)

Ramadhan is around the corner. For muslims, this is the most blessed month according to islamic calender. And muslims around the world will be fasting for the whole month, before celebrating Eid ul-Fitr on the first day of the next month, Syawal.

Just a quick reminder, although muslims fast during the days of Ramadhan, history have shown that it is not a weak moments for muslims. Historic events such as the battle of Badr (17 Ramadhan, 2H) and the opening of Makkah (10th Ramadhan, 8H) happened during this blessed month.

So friends, let's all cherish the coming of this blessed month, and make aims to be a better, stronger muslim, a more devoted and steadfast servant to Allah.

May we find strenghts in:
- Performing salah and fasting the best way possible.
- Training ourselves to read the Quran daily.
- Making other organs fast too, from doing sins that are sometimes so sublte, Abstaining our mouths from talking bad about others. Our eyes from looking at inappropriate things, hands..., ears..., legs..., hearts..., bodies...
- Learning to eat sensibly, and healthily.
- For those who smoke, and thinking of stopping. Ramadhan may be the answer to put an end to the habit.
- Repent for our pass sins and try our best to not make the same mistakes again.
- Leaving habits that waste a lot of our time, but is not beneficial.
- Cleaning our hearts from the sickness of envy, ujub, takabbur, and all other negative feelings towards others.

may we succeed in becoming a better person come this Ramadhan, insyaAllah.
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