Wednesday, June 15, 2011

End of Year 3

Alhamdulillah... alhamdulillah... alhamdulillah...
The highest and enormous praise to Allah, as He is the master of all sevants and without Him and His mercy I would certainly not be here where I am today, and you will not be there in front of the computer reading this humble post.

Yesterday the results of my final exams for my 3rd year of Medicine came out, and I passed my exams. Finishing this project I'm currently working on will mark the end of this chapter of my life as a 3rd year medical student in Leeds.

Congratulations to all who managed to achieve what they intended to get, who passed and also those who tried their best but Allah had different plans for them, and tests them more. Hopefully in whichever situation we are in, we will manage to get the best out of it, as the prophet Muhammad SAW said;

“Sangat mengagumkan kepada seorang mukmin, sebab segala keadaannya untuk ia sangat baik, dan tidak mungkin terjadi demikian kecuali bagi seorang mukmin: jika mendapat nikmat ia bersyukur, maka syukur itu sangat baik baginya dan bila menderita kesusahan ia bersabar, maka sabar itu lebih baik baginya.” (Hadis riwayat Muslim)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Why are you not choosing?

Rasulullah SAW said:
Each of you is leader and every one of you will be asked about his leadership. Imam is a leader and will be asked about his leadership, husband is a leader and will be asked about his leadership, women leaders in her home and will be asked about hes leadership, those with wealth is the leader of the property entrusted to him and he will be asked about his leadership. Each of you is leader and you will be asked about your leadership. "
(Hadis Riwayat al-Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Daud, al-Tirmizi dan Ahmad)
I'm 23. The 'included' age (in term of voting in Malaysia). Where my views matter in the choosing of leaders of Malaysia. The power to vote is entrusted upon my shoulder and thousands other peers. I am excited and looking forward to actually vote if I have the chance to. It is a big responsibility to vote. Especially when you vote with awareness of the actual issues and awareness of what each sides have to offer to the country, not just by taking in what the media asks you to vote, or what your parents are voting. We are given the right to do it, because we are deemed to have the capacity to weigh up all the pros and cons, and really make an "informed consent" on who should be leading our belover country.

No this post is not intended to be in favour of any particular political party. As I believe there are enough blogs out there to read about those kind of things, where is even sometimes gets so messy that I can't even comprehend what the actually have in mind. Or it might just be me who thought that writers should have something, an idea of some sort to share with the readers and not merely degrading others in their writings. Sadly it's not always the case.

It strikes me that being in the allowed age to vote, some of my peers actually said that they are not going to register as voters. Why? I really don't get it. This is not meant for any particular person if you think I'm talking about someone specific. Nope, this is a general disscussion.

->some say there's no point in doing so. I say there are thousands if not millions of points to do so. Like it or not the government is the conductor who orchestrate most, if not all that happens around you. From the prices to the policies on education, healthcare, foreign relation, your freedom, rights, etc.

->some say politic's 'dirty', so choosing to be 'clean' therefore plies having to do anything with it, be it to the merest voting. I say politics is just the system put into place. The perception or facade of a system is based on the people in it, and on how they choose to play their roles in it. Not having your say just mean that you don't even get a say on who plays on the field. So stop complaining of it being dirty if you can't even care enough to open your mouth and name those who can actually try and 'clean' it.

->some say they couldn't care less. Well i think they should. You are a chip of the massive component in the country. who can choose. So you should choose what is best, with an informed choice. And I'm not saying it is only 1 side that is exclusively and undoubtedly right. YOU are right, and whoever you choose based on what you believe and what you see.

but after it ends, and after the election and the leaders are named. Do your best to be part of the country, not part of the party that you rooted for. At the end of the day, it is still our beloved country that needs to move forward and achieve developments, whoever is in the cockpit.

AND, what I say is just what I believe, please do not be offended. You can offer your thoughts if you don't agree with me, and we can agree to disagree but still smile at each others. And my views may seem naive~ well I'm 23. You should get my entry level insights...
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