Friday, October 31, 2008

Here n there...

These are several places that I've been to in the past about two months... Some just to travel, others to attend programmes...



Meadowhall. On the way back from Fresher's Camp.


Leicester: Hazman, Pejai, Me and Remy

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Death and after-life

video yang cukup menyentuh hati. thx to pejai sbb bg link nih kat aku. smoge dapat memberi iktibar buat semua!

Nashid: Azab Ilahi

Azab Ilahi - Irsyadee

(Doa Dalam Bahasa Arab)
(lirik doa dalam bahasa Arab)

Lapangkanlah hatimu dalam musibah
Dan bersabarlah di jalan Allah
Jangan hanya memeluk dunia fana
Yang bersalut dengan dosa

Ingat azab neraka
Akan mengejarmu saat kau mati
Jadi jujurlah harungi hidup ini
Jauhi azab Ilahi

Bersyukurlah selalu
Dan jangan ragu
Nescaya jauh azabmu

Monday, October 20, 2008

Meeting Patients

Today, I spent 2 hours for patient visit. i.e. the patients come and visit us in the medical school, not the other way round. This is as a part of our PPD (Personal and Professional Development) module. I'll also be going for a community visit next Friday.

On to the topic, we had 4 patients coming to our group, 2 at a time. The main objective of this particular session is an insight for us future doctors to know what patients want and expect of us. Although 4 of them can't really represent everyone, at least it gave us some idea.

One patient's respond to a question that I find quite astonishing is when asked whether she would prefer a doctor who is a good communicator or a good clinician. She answered a good communicator is obviously her choice.

They expect a doctor to be human and treat patients as a person instead of just numbers on the chart. They wouldn't mind if the doctor do not know as there is always an opportunity to refer to other doctors who are more experienced and knowledgeable.

I left the class feeling quite good, and I'm positive I've chosen the right path for my future :D, insyaAllah.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Face to face~

Starting to get the feel of being a medical student in the University of Leeds Medical School.
I'm thankful that Allah has chosen me to be here and to have this golden opportunity.

On to the topic, yesterday i had an opportunity to meet a man, who is HIV positive. We were in small groups and were given the chance to hear about the discrimination and stigma put upon them. He happen contracted the virus about a year ago, due to a stabbing incident. And he got sacked... Even his family turn his back on him. When warded, they place a sign (not a subtle one, according to him) stating that he's HIV positive. Is it the right treatment for them? Aren't they human who deserve the same treatment from other?

The medication taken to control HIV have nasty side-effects: severe depression, diarrhea, dizziness and many other side effects. There are a myraid of effects which differs between drugs. He told us that he understands why some people with HIV choose not to take medication instead.

Of course HIV is can spread to others. But surely not by touching or being in the same room with them. Some maybe made a wrong choice in their life, but who hasn't? A portion of HIV positive even got them by accident. Wrong blood transfusion, exposure to infected blood, etc. Is it justifiable then to assume that they are all bad people, because HIV is kind related to drug abuse and random sex. Both are haram according to Islam, yet treatment centres (is this the right term for pusat serenti?) in Malaysia are still flooded with Malays, something to think about.

What puzzles me is even in the western culture where drug usage and having fun are more acceptable, people with HIV are still discriminated against.

Don't get me wrong, I'm merely suggesting for us to open our minds and look at the matter from a wider view. Not even hinting to accept any wrong behavior. What's wrong stays wrong. But why not help a needy hand? I'm sure getting HIV is a harsh enough punishment, why must the society sentence them to a life-long hardship?

Actually meeting him and speaking, asking questions really made me more aware of the situation they're facing. And he is no different to other people. Maybe even better because he cannot consume alcohol due to the type of medication he's on.

miss them~

Nah... i dont need to write anything here
the title says it all :D

Friday, October 10, 2008

Kau inspirasi~

Diriku berlari
Kejar buih di kaki sirahmu
Malangnya tak jumpa
Hilang ditelan ombak masa

Lelah aku
Dan termangu di sini
Mencari sinar

Ku cuba mengutip
Butir bistari di pesisir kalammu
Inginku sematkan
Menghiasi dada kehidupanku

lalu terang destinasi abadi
Di hujung langkahku

Kau inspirasi
Jiwa nan suci
Inginku terus selami

Di dasar dirimu kilau cahaya
Mutiara putih
Menyinar ke dalam lubuk jiwa
Nan gelap gelita

Di dasar dirimu
Karang indah
Halus penuh seni
meneguh perjuangan kebenaran
Hikmah pekerti

Kau inspirasi
Permata hati
Ingin ku terus dekati

Kau inspirasi
Walau kau pergi
Namun ku tetap di sini..

welcome junior doctors

well i made it to the UK, to do my dream course Medicine.

only time will tell whether I'll make it though this phase.

what now?

do i just study like i did in the pass?

culture shock? to tell the truth, i think I'm more shocked by the cultures of malaysian here rather than the brits. Or could it just be me being naive and immature?

confused? of course I am... there's just too many things here to comprehend and make sense (most i still couldn't)

but staying here surely opens my eyes that faith and religion isn't important to some people... and hedonistic behavior and lifestyle is very dominant in humans nowadays...

how can someone fell satisfied with a life without a greater purpose? a purpose that goes beyond the life on Earth?

will i be fine here? they academic staffs keeps on reminding us (medical students) that they consider us as junior doctors... and tht our profession as a doctor begins now~ and that there's not much space to play around and study just to pass exams like before~ and that everything we'll be learning are to be remembered for the rest of our lives~

on the other hand, they can't seem to refrain themselves from arousing unnecessary (in my opinion, feel free to disagree) feeling of uneasiness among us by plainly telling us about the dropout percentage, future workload, etcetera. XD

well... that's almost 4 weeks here in leeds

the most noticeable change is of course the extremely (sometimes) cold weather~ especially when it rains~

i'm also finding it hard to mix around in class... as most of them are local students... who speaks english just as easy as we borak kat warung kopi kot.... x yah pon pikir ape!

but well.... i'll definitely give my best... dis is it, i dreamt of being here for years... and yes it was a great motivation for me to move on... whenever an obstacle stands in my way, and whenever disappointment slapped my right in the face~

hope I'll survive, coz i'm a survivor!

manusia nih betul ke satu spesies??

haha... kadang2 terpk betape pliknye manusia nih...

banyak perkara bole timbul... hanye disebabkan:
-gene pool yang sedikit berbeza antare satu same laen~
-pendapat yg sdikit berbeza ngan org len~
-kepercayaan yg laen2~

plik2... satu2nye spesies yang bole menghancurkan spesies sendiri tanpa tujuan kemandirian spesies... alsn2 bodo ntah ape2 bole digunakan untuk membolehkan bende2 yang x bole~

kadang2 kte kne la gak bukak sikit minda, terima orang len seadenye... wpon kita kadang2 rase diri kita baek, sukup baek untuk judge org len dan menegur org len, jgn la sampai ke tahap kite rase kite aje yg btul... n org len always on the wrong side... x adil kan??

kite sume ade jalan masing2, percaturan hidup masing2... ingatlah ape yg kte ade skang x semestinye kekal milik kte di mase depan...
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