Thursday, January 28, 2010

someone really needs to smile more~

i have a friend. he's really quite a character. i can't understand him. really, he can be laughing happily with me one second, and the next second it could be the total opposite.

we went ice-skating one day, although we actually planned to go to the gym after class on that particular day. i could sense that he was reluctant at first, but i guess he wanted to spend time with his precious friends. he went.


he took his first step into the rink. i didn't see him smiling. it was agonising i guess. he must be thinking about how miserable it was last year when he went to the skating rink. i looked at him, his face looked so serious. i daren't go near him.

i saw him struggling to maintain his balance. he must be thinking what a waste of money it was to play something he can't even do properly. i think he has a bit of a psychological problem. he's the kind of people who are used to being good at things that he does. he can't stand being a mediocre chap. he needed to be more. at things that really matters to him. i thought he was pathetic, feeling so bitter just because he couldn't skate properly, without even trying his best to.

so giving up is just an easy excuse for him not to do it. not letting people see how unskilled he was at it. i pity him. he should be more adventurous, try new things, learn new things. i watched as he looked at his other friends who are skating gracefully, thinking isn't anyone gonna help teach him?

i guess he then decided what a waste of time to feel miserable and waste his time there. he decided that he should at least try and have fun. so he started skating, and fell on his second step. but he kept on trying. he ended up being able to skate around the rink without difficulty (after falling 3 times, one of which he managed to bring a freind down with him).

so i went to him and say, " see, it's not so bad isn't it. you just need to smile more and enjoy the moment. savour the learning process and have a great time. although it sometimes mean wetting your jeans [from falling on watery ice]. you need to learn to let go, and be happy about it :D"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

welcome to the school of detective

although most of you readers might not know, im actually studying in a detective school, although they like to keep it descreet and call it by another name instead.

-i learn how to "interrogate" by asking the right questions to "suspects".
-i learn to take note of things that others who didn't attend a detective school might just .
-i learn to make further investigations if im not sure of what had actually happened. or to make further tests to determine that my deduction is actually correct.
-i am taught to be observant and careful not to miss small details that might be the key in solving a case.
-during the training of becoming a certified detective, i had to hone my skills by practicing it on other detectives in training, simulated suspects, and also real suspects around the area.
-deductions can sometimes be easy, but not in all cases. i also find that it gets even harder the more i progress through the detective school.
-i also learn how to take precautions when doing my investigation so that i will not get what the suspects have, or carry around bugs from one suspect to another.
-it is not an easy task, as suspects sometimes cannot fully comprehend what we detectives say, thus we need to not use detective jargons when interrogating suspects.
-although it's very interesting, it is quite tiring to train to be a detective as it can suck the spirit and leave the body dry. i sometimes wondered why i chose to become a detective and go thru this rigorous training.
-i learn to use my senses in a better refined way. to hear what others can't hear, to see what others can't see, to feel what others can't feel, to use my limbs dextrously.

just trying my best to enjoy it every step of the way~
fingers crossed :)
palms open wide ~

Thursday, January 21, 2010

you dont stop playing coz u get old, you get old coz u stop playing

let's start this post with blooper reel from house :D

tomorrow's my first official day at the ward. just for a day~ hope it'll be a great experience~

regarding the topic. i had lishi training as part of my PPD (personal and professional development) module, under the valueing diversity slot. it's another kind of chinese traditional exercise. kinda like tai chi i'd say, but with different movements.

the instuctor just kept on stressing about how the chinese are health concious people who takes responsibility of their own health. he tells us about how the old can wake up in the morning to do exercises in the parks, and still be mobile and flexible. but the young are becoming 'westernised' in the sense that the practice is more like and 'old people stuffs' kinda thing. well this statement isn't based on any prove (cant seem to bother looking for any).

what interests me is the fact that how he said its human nature to like having wonder drugs that can heal and keep us healthy rather than work it out ourselves and take responsibility of our own health. he told us how patients were usually reluctant when he told them about exercises...

doing ssc on rheumatoid arthritis...

the more i learn the more i think it's impossible to learn all these stuffs... someone should really consider breaking medicine into several subjects~ would be more bearable to learn... hehe

im generally happy nowadays~ not sure why though :P
blissfully going thru the passing days~
skipping some lectures in doing so~
piling up some works for later date~
and doing some~

eating out~
waiting for scholarship~
rearranging the room in hope that it would give me the long awaited boost for the term~
to no avail~

good days~ good days~

Saturday, January 16, 2010


i choose what i think is best for myself. I try my best not to dictate anyone, although at times it does happen unintentionally.

so in return, i expect people to respect my decision and what i choose to do with my life. i hate being afraid to do things that aren't wrong in itself just because some kind of people would say something about it.

i just don't think it's appropriate to control someone who is already a young adult. maybe some people do not notice that WE ARE OLD ENOUGH TO MAKE DECISIONS FOR OURSELVES.

i do not wish to follow. i chose to leave.

call me ignorant,
call me a sore loser,
call me bitter,
i wouldn't mind.
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