Friday, October 7, 2011

(One of) My Love Story

It started out small,
A mere fleck in a dark hall,
At that time you seemed so far away,
Unreachable, unapproachable, untouchable.

Then the fleck grew larger,
As days went by as life becomes harder,
I had to decide one way or another,
Do I commit, or let it go forever.

A few years passed and I am still here,
The fleck is now a blazing fire,
I am so into you, that I am sure,
Until the end, I shall be here.

Although at times you are cruel to me,
Draining every bit that I have in me,
Energy, time, my heart and soul,
Sometimes I felt like turning away and go.

You forced me to stay awake at night,
You made my head feel like exploding sometimes,
At times you made me feel sickly and ill,
Tears and sweats and aching back,

But in the end, it was I,
Who chose to and not turn away,
But the satisfaction from you,

I know I'm still of of your youngest lover,
Many more has been, and many still is,
We pledge our time, energy and life,
For the lives of others, if Allah wills it.

-to Medicine, from the love of your life~

1 comment:

PurNaMa~ said...

sweet love story.. i'm in love with it too.. ;)

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